Awards Season- Lets Celebrate!

Being a very new Blogger I have never experienced the hype around this time of year- Bloggers Award Season, and I can tell you, it’s pretty infectious and very exciting!

I’m not writing this to ask for nominations, I’ve only been around for 2 months and there are plenty of other more deserving blogs and bloggers out there. I just think it’s really important that we get our favourite bloggers nominated, and it’s so wonderful to see them get recognised for all their hard work. I love reading so many fantastic blogs, and now I’m a blogger I realise how much time and effort goes into each and every post- let alone the blog itself!!

So thank you, you wonderful bloggers, for putting out hilarious, thought-provoking, eye-opening, hilarious, gripping and refreshing posts. And for sharing it all with the world. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming in the blogging community and I can’t thank you enough so this is my way of showing my appreciation.

Now let’s get celebrating all these amazing people and get voting.

Tots 100 Awards
I am so excited to find out who gets nominated and goes on to win each Award, I was surprised at how many categories there were but also very pleased as I had so many I wanted to nominate. Good Luck fellow Bloggers, I’ve got my fingers crossed for each and every one of you!
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    23rd March 2016 at 12:33 pm

    Awww what a lovely post. It is my first experience of blogging awards too and it is really exciting isn’t it! I am loving all of the tweets I am seeing about it and discovering new blogs too 🙂

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