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‘Disney’ Halloween Wreath


Having seen some pretty amazing Halloween wreaths in a Facebook post shared by the lovely Hannah from Hi Baby I thought I would have a go at making my own. I decided to go pretty simple but being a Disney loving Mum and my daughter being a huge fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse I knew I needed to incorporate something Disney into my design. After a good browse through Instagram I decided a Mickey/Minnie Mouse shaped wreath would be achievable and effective.

I popped over to Hobbycraft one evening after the littles had gone to bed and picked up a few items so I could start making. I decided on Rattan Grapevine wreaths as I felt I could reuse these in December to turn it from a Halloween wreath to a Christmas wreath, I grabbed a couple of rolls of Halloween ribbon and a Halloween Party Platter- this included foam stickers, large foam Halloween shapes and mini pompoms. I also used this opportunity to treat myself to a new beautiful pink glue gun, although unfortunately Mummy brain kicked in and I forgot to pick up extra sticks of glue…

Now I’m no crafter in any way, shape or form so I just went to town with gluing and sticking items wherever I fancied on the wreath. I attached the two smaller wreaths with ribbon, to make them easily removable and the majority of items were either tied on or stuck with a glue gun (easy to peel off) for the same reason. I made a few bows from the ribbon to place around the wreath, I also lost a few pieces of ribbon to a toddler who wanted to dance and wave them around.

I decided to place a very large pink bow at the top, being a Mummy of girls I felt it only right that our wreath should turn into a Minnie Mouse and Willow may have been a little more than excited about this addition. The minute she saw the finished wreath she shouted ‘Minnie Mouse’ and gave me a huge hug, for days afterwards she would randomly come up to me to say ‘thank you for my Minnie Mouse.’ I’d say the Halloween wreath has been a definite hit in our household, and one that I plan on continuing each October. Hopefully Willow and Allana will be able to have more involvement in the future and help to pick a theme or character that we’ll base our design on, I’m glad I didn’t disappoint Willow with this years try.


Checkout my Instagram board to see where I got my inspiration from….

Have you ever made a Halloween Wreath? Is it something you’d have a go at making with your littles? I can’t wait to transform our Halloween wreath to Christmas in the next month, I’ve never really decorated for Halloween/ Autumn before but I’m definitely tempted to from now on.

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