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Little British Style: Introducing Cribstar


I am introducing and welcoming another fab British Brand this week, Cribstar was born out of the frustrations of only being able to find soft, pastel, pale and lifeless colours in the newborn section of high street stores. After wanting to see more solid stark colours in babies clothing they decided to come up with their selection of bold clothing to move away from what is seen as the ‘norm’ in terms of children’s garments. 

‘Not Your Basic Baby’ Black Romper

Their simple yet striking designs are so well suited to all children, boys and girls, from tiny babies right up to 5-6 year olds. Cribstar haven’t been on the scene all that long but already have a huge selection of awesome and wonderful designs to chose from, which you can then match with any of their six fabric colour choices (black, purple, blush pink, icy blue, alluminium grey and off white). A number of the designs can be customised meaning you can match the clothing to your little ones and their personalities beautifully.

Cribstar are constantly adding to their collection, including the recent addition of short sleeved tees, meaning you can now purchase Rompers, Tees (long sleeved and short sleeved), Bibs, Headbands, Hats and Harem Leggings. Looking through their current products I am too tempted to buy far too many items (sorry bank account!!).

‘Not Your Basic Kid’ Black Long Sleeve Top

This long sleeved tee could not describe Willow any better!! (Apparently the new Toddler fashion trend is to wear your sunnies upside down, who would’ve known?!? Apparently Willow did!)

The fabric is so soft and has a really comfy stretch to it so I am sure my kids are happy wearing their Cribstar garments. I sometimes worry that printed designs will either fade or peel off but I am happy to report that this hasn’t been an issue with these clothes. In fact the design hasn’t even ‘creased’ or ‘wrinkled’ which I have noticed some do even after only one wash.

I actually love the black clothing as it can be matched with pretty much any colour and is ideal with messy kids. Following on from messy kids I can, from personal experience confirm that the clothes wash and dry really well. We may have experienced a ‘poop explosion’ in one of the outfits (which a lot of the time would result in said garment being thrown away due to stains) and I have been able to save the romper from the doom of the bin as it washed brilliantly.


Another favourite of mine is twinning (as you’ll know if you’ve been to my blog before) and Cribstar not only make twinning outfits for your littles, as you can see from the photos, but they also sell twinning adult tees too. So both Mummy and Daddy can match with their littles. I am so in love with the idea of twinning for a family photoshoot (or just generally every day but I’m not sure Hubby would be so keen).

If you like their designs and ideas then please go and check out all their brilliant designs over at their website, show them some love on their Instagram account and you can find them on Facebook too.

There are so many wonderful and talented people building small British Brands at the moments and I really think we need to support each and every one of them so keep your eye out and shop small and local when you can.

Thank you Cribstar for deciding to step away from the ‘usual’ colour palette we see and providing us parents with something different, exciting and stylish to dress our littles in!

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