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Disney Tsum Tsum Surprise

Willow and I are huge Disney fans so when the opportunity arose to review the new vinyl Disney Tsum Tsums from Jakks Pacific we weren’t going to say no. After a few days away we arrived home to a rather exciting looking box, I glimpsed inside and after realising it was our delivery of Disney Tsum Tsums, I left Willow to have the joy and excitement of unwrapping and revealing her new toys.

We were sent two packs of collectible Disney Tsum Tsums, a three pack with one large, one medium and one small Tsum Tsum figure and a nine pack with three large, three medium and three small figures, including two exclusive and one very special mystery Tsum Tsum. Willow was one very happy little girl as her packs included her current favourite characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse but she was particularly intrigued and interested in the packet behind the question mark.

After opening the packaging and spending what felt like a decade watching Willow unwrap the mystery Tsum Tsum we were excited to find a very cute and very pink Cheshire Cat! He was a definite hit with Willow and after unpacking the remaining figures she went straight onto playing and stacking them without any encouragement.

Although the packaging does say the toys are designed for 6 years and up I do think they’re a perfect toy for a toddler if you supervise their play- especially with the smaller ones. This is something I have to be especially aware of with a newly crawling ten month old so we have put these away until both the girls are a little older. We love the medium and large ones as they’re big enough for Willow to play with but still small enough to store easily or to place in her bag on days out. Being vinyl they have proven to be super easy to keep clean and a huge hit with a teething baby. The vinyl also means they grip well making it particularly easy for small hands to stack them. Their bright bold colours have meant they’ve also been a particularly helpful tool with teaching Willow her colours as well as helping with her hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The new Disney vinyl Tsum Tsums have definitely been a hit in our household and I can see us going on to collect further figures, especially the remaining Winnie the Pooh characters and Disney Princesses.

You can pick up the sets of Disney vinyl Tsum Tsums from Smyths Toys at £4.99 for a three pack and £14.99 for a nine pack. Considering that these are Disney toys I think they are a fairly reasonable price and would make for a great birthday gift or, with Christmas fast approaching I’m sure any Disney loving child (especially mine) would be more than happy to receive a small pack or two from Santa.

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*Disclaimer- We were sent two packs of Disney Tsum Tsums in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own.




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