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My Unscheduled Blog Break

If you’re a regular reader of mine you may have noticed that I have inadvertently taken a short break from blogging for the past few weeks. A mixture of hot weather, teething, Summer colds, a newly obsessed mountain biking husband and a toddler and baby who just generally haven’t wanted to sleep or nap meant that I couldn’t find the time nor motivation to write. Having a little unplanned break has actually done me the world of good and I am now back with a renewed appreciation for blogging and the blogging community, along with a head full of new ideas and plans.

I ended up taking a bit of a break from Twitter too (sorry for my lack of discussion and interaction but I really needed it) but I did find a few minutes to finally create a Facebook page for my blog. As always I continued posting to my favourite social media stomping ground, theres no way I could stay away from the gorgeousness of Instagram for long. On the note of Instagram, what is everyones opinions on Instagram stories? I feel like its slightly taking away from the Instagram images that I love to see and is just giving me something extra to think about (I won’t lie, I have been using it though!!).

I also return to my day job in just a week and a half after what will be my last maternity leave (gosh it feels awfully final saying that but we’re definitely finished having babies now) so its been particularly nice to concentrate all my attention on my girls and family time before I’m back in the office. With this also comes the planning of childcare so I’ve had Allana’s first settling in session at Nursery with another this week before she officially starts, I’ve found it a lot harder preparing for my return to work this time around, but that story is for another day.

Hubby had a long weekend during my ‘break’ so we were able to enjoy a few wonderful days out including a visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall and the Amazing Cornish Maize Maze. Two days out I am planning and hoping on sharing on the blog very soon!! We enjoyed a few family walks in the sunshine and spent a good few hours splashing around in Willow’s new paddling pool and building castles in her sandpit. We even squeezed in a family photoshoot, unfortunately both girls (particularly Willow- I think the summer cold and terrible twos had a pretty firm grip on her that day) weren’t on top form so we’re keeping our fingers firmly crossed our wonderful photographer was able to capture a few nice photos of us all.

Most excitingly two of our closest friends welcomed a beautiful little boy into the world so little Allana and I popped over for some newborn snuggles (I can’t believe Allana was a newborn less than nine months ago!!).



I have really enjoyed having some time to myself and family but I’ve definitely missed blogging and I am glad to be back! Have I missed anything important in the last few weeks? How has everyones Summer holidays been so far? Have you enjoyed some family days out or a few days away from home?

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    Thelma Booth
    8th August 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Good to see your blogging again,, have missed you xx

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