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I was recently asked by HomeAway what my top 5 Beach Essentials are, I came up with the following…

  • Sun Protection- I think this ones pretty obvious but sometimes we have so much to remember this important item can slip our minds. We always put sun protection lotion on our girls before we leave the house and I’ve been keeping a small travel size sun cream in our changing bag for those days where the sun makes a surprise appearance.
  • Buckets and Spades- This is clearly a necessity, who doesn’t like to build sand castles on the beach? Perfect entertainment and imagination for both the littles (and us adults who like to attempt to build some extravagant city!).
  • Beach Inflatables- You can never go wrong with a beach ball and inflatable floats for the sea, obviously you have to be careful not to get taken out by the tide but they are so fun when used carefully- and also double up brilliantly as a bed or seat on the sand!!
  • Sun Hats- A very necessary but seriously cute item, now with all the wonderful and fun sun hats you can get there really is no excuse for you and your littles not to wear a hat.
  • Character Beach Towels- This is something from my childhood, I always loved our Character Beach Towels and colourful blankets. Finding your way back to your spot after a swim in the sea is never difficult when you have bright and fun beach towels jumping out against the sand, plus they’re always huge so drying off doesn’t take too long either.

I have put together a little Pinterest Board of My Beach Essentials, I came across so many gorgeous sun hats for both adults and children and some rather awesome beach inflatables too!

HomeAway is a worldwide online marketplace aiming to make it easier for every traveler in the world to book a holiday rental, with over 1.2 million rental listings in over 190 countries its definitely not difficult to find your perfect holiday for you and your family and/or friends. They’ve put together this brilliant page of inspiration for locations and ideas for your dream holiday.

I must say its always been on my list of places to visit but having now seen it on their page too I really can’t wait to take a holiday to Florida in the future, if you know me you know I am in love with (obsessed) with Disney and we’re actually off to Disneyland Paris next year but my dream is to take them to Disney World one day (when they’re a little older and will actually remember it) and now having seen some of the stunning family friendly beaches Florida has to offer if definitely higher up the list of places to visit now.

For the moment my dream holiday destination would probably be somewhere fairly small, family friendly, with a wonderful array of beaches and waterparks to entertain both us and the littles. My first holiday abroad as a child was to Majorca with the whole family and it definitely appeals to me as a future holiday destination for us, you can almost guarantee nice weather but depending on when we went it wouldn’t be too ‘crazy hot’ as this would definitely be a struggle for all of us. I like that it is only a short flight from the UK and is both a beautiful and family friendly location.

What are your beach essentials? Where is your dream holiday location?

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