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Today, for the first time in forever (ok so five weeks isn’t quite forever, but it definitely felt like it!) we ventured to the shops in our city centre. Currently the idea of shopping on own with a Toddler and Tiny Tot fills me with a world of anxiety and stress so I have been avoiding it at all costs.

We are currently at the stage with our two year old where she will sit in the pushchair for a very limited time, and then want to walk. However she has yet to fully grasp the idea of ‘holding our hands’ so our rule is hold Mummy or Daddy’s hand or you sit in the pushchair, this usually results in a tantrum. We are currently debating the idea of a wrist restraint or harness but its not something I am overly keen on (any tips would be welcomed with open arms!)

So today, with Daddy in tow, we decided to take a trip to pick up a few bits, and to finally put our Toddler’s christmas cheques in her bank account. All seemed well to start, for once the Tiny Tot didn’t cry in the car (the whole way) and the Toddler was kept occupied with a small bag of popcorn. But within 5 minutes of parking up, our toddler was already pushing the limits by refusing to hold our hands, resulting in her running into the open car door (cue crying and huge bump on forehead). We gave her one more chance to hold our hands but she was having none of it so the pushchair took her hostage for next few hours.

Our first port of call was to get a much needed accessory (as we appear to have mislaid our original in the house move) a pair of baby nail clippers. I don’t know about anyone else but I really can’t get on with the scissors! We ended up walking out with the clippers but also with something else along for the ride, whilst I was searching for the necessary item, Hubby and Toddler had disappeared to a far off land and reappeared with this Owl Nightlight. When Willow was a newborn we had bought her a Lamb Nightlight- which we fondly named Lamby.


Our plan was to give ‘Otis the Owl’ to our littlest one, however it seems it has already been commandeered by our eldest. This evening Lamby was tossed from her bed and replaced with Otis, poor Lamby didn’t know what hit him.

After picking up ‘Otis’ his soothing lullabies sent our Toddler to sleep in her pushchair so we were able to enjoy a moments peace, and get through the majority of our shopping without hearing the word ‘out’ on repeat. As she was in the land of dreams, we decided it was the best time to visit The Early Learning Centre, it is a never a good idea to head there with an awake and very excitable Toddler. Everything will end up in your basket, and a tantrum will ensue when they’re informed they can’t take the whole store home.


We walked out having bought Willow a new messy mat (for the table) and some rather fun looking easy painters. I’m really excited to give try these out over the coming weeks.

I also needed to replace Tiny Tot’s all in one hooded sweatshirt, I’d forgotten how quickly newborns grow, so a trip to H & M was needed.



As I Babywear Allana I find items like this perfect for days when its a bit chilly and an extra layer is required. Its not too thick as is made from sweatshirt material, doesn’t ‘ruck’ up when I place her in the wrap and is so easy for the millions of nappy changes a newborn needs.

I decided to treat myself whilst in H & M, as I’m still in the not quite lost all the baby weight yet stage, an oversized long sweatshirt and pair of leggings sounded just about perfect to me, comfy, practical and perfect for this miserable weather we seem to be stuck with.

After spending what felt like hours in the Bank, a certain little human woke from her slumber, but now with a refreshed outlook on life. The dreaded word ‘out’ was muttered from her mouth, but instead of running away, she agreed to holding Daddy’s hand and happily skipped along next to us. After a quick trip to the Post Office to send a very important parcel we decided Willow could have a treat after being such a good girl on our outing.

Currently our Toddler has an obsession with the Minions, so Hubby decided our final destination should be a stop at Build A Bear, as you can imagine this made for one very happy and giggly two year old. After much fun, bear filling, heart placing, banana smell giving and certificate writing, we left with one very ecstatic little girl and her new best friend, Kevin the Minion.

willow and minion 2

I don’t think it will be long before the Minions, Bob and Stuart also become members of our household!

I love how my children surprise me daily, I went into today feeling nervous and worried about how the day would go but we ended up having a very relaxed, fun and enjoyable family day. Of course we had a few bumps along the way, but thats what made it all the better. I realise I need to relax and think more about the positives of every day than worry and stress about the ifs and buts.

See you in my next post….. I might be baking again!

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  • Reply
    7th February 2016 at 12:17 am

    Willow and her minion are very cute! Also poor lamby, maybe Allana can have him instead? I’m hoping I know what that very important parcel is! Miss you all xxx

  • Reply
    8th February 2016 at 5:54 pm

    Poor Lambie. Maybe she will miss him and take him back, after the newness of Otis goes away. My four year old loves Minions too. I am glad your family had a peaceful, fun outing.


    • Reply
      Hannah G
      8th February 2016 at 6:18 pm

      Thank you 🙂 I did feel sorry for Lambie after 2 years of loyalty but I’ve left him in her room in the hopes she’ll take him back! Poor little guy! X

      • Reply
        8th February 2016 at 7:51 pm

        Yeah that would be like if my four year old suddenly stopped loving her bear. She does everything with him.

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