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A Book: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Whats better than the gift of imagination? I know for myself growing up I loved the way a book could transport me to a new world, a different place in time and its something I still love about reading now. As a family we spend lots of time reading books to our girls, I find something about reading in winter, cozied up under a blanket extra magical so to me a book is always a perfect Christmas Gift. An added bonus is that a book can be picked up almost anywhere so if you’re a little last minute and looking for a gift then you can always rely on a trusty book to save the day.

After receiving this lovely little selection from Puffin books I feel even more certain that a book would make an ideal Christmas present for a child.

‘Max and Bird’ is such a lovely story about an unexpected friendship, I think this would make a really wonderful gift for a child whose maybe just started or soon to start school. I’ll definitely be passing this one on to my friends little five year old boy.

‘The Little Elephant Who Wants To Fall Asleep’ is another book from the amazing author behind ‘The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep.’ It encompasses child tested and parent approved techniques to reclaim bedtime. I have heard about amazing results from the first book and I am sure this will be just as incredible. Recently my niece has had a little trouble staying in a sleepy slumber so this might be the perfect book to end the day in a calm and relaxed manner and hopefully encourage a long nights sleep.

‘The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas’ is the book of any poop obsessed dino loving toddler’s dreams, its been an absolute hit with our three year old who thinks poop is hilarious, dinosaurs roartastic and Christmas magical.

I have already passed on my favourite early childhood book to my children. I can still remember reading ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ with my Mum at a very young age and absolutely loving the adventure the family embarked on. When I fell pregnant with my eldest it was one of the first books I purchased for her and she now loves it too. I am convinced that my Mum reading to us from a young age is what sparked my love of reading and books and I really hope to pass this on to my daughters. I’ve continued to adore stories about adventures and of course there are plenty of other incredible and magical books I have read growing up but ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Did you have a favourite book growing up? Do you give books as a gift?


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