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‘Disney’ Christmas Wreath

I promised myself and Willow that I would transform our Disney Halloween Wreath into a Christmas Wreath to add some extra festive cheer to our home decor. So one evening I popped over to Hobbycraft to collect a few supplies and then set about turning our Minnie Mouse from Halloween fun to Christmas cheer.

When our wreath was previously decorated for Halloween the smaller wreaths were attached using orange ribbon, I decided to replace this with a wired Red Berry Garland. I then used the remainder of the garlands to decorate the wreath, I always think red berries are beautifully festive but super simple too.

I then went ahead and added a few wire paint dipped pinecones. I didn’t really plan where I positioned them as I didn’t want the wreath to end up looking too uniform. Having berries and pinecones on a wire made it particularly easy to attach them to the wreath as you can easily twist them through the grapevine meaning no need for glue resulting in little to no mess!!

Minnie Mouse wouldn’t be Minnie Mouse without a bow so I finished the wreath with a giant glitter reindeer hessian bow- now I’ll be honest and admit I did cheat with the bow. Over time I’ve realised that I’m pretty useless at knotting bows so I bought this one ready made. I’m so glad I did as I think it just finishes it off perfectly, I did contemplate adding some more smaller bows and fake snow but decided that actually I quite like the simplicity of it. As there was no glue needed I can easily tweak it, take away or add extra accessories for future Christmases.

I love how just a simple wreath can add something extra special and festive to the entrance of your home or individual rooms. We now have two wreaths adorning our house for the Christmas period and I’m pretty sure that I’ll make more next year, they’re a little addictive…

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