A ‘Mint Velvet’ Wishlist

Being a Mum I begrudgingly spend money on myself but find it very easy to spend (too much) money on the kiddies. However, I’ve recently become quite the bargain hunter and discovered a website which makes shopping the sales simple, meaning even us Mumma’s can easily treat ourselves without breaking the bank. I’ve come across a number of incredible brands whilst browsing their website and may have developed a slight obsession with Mint Velvet, a brand I’d never heard of before!

Here are just a few of my favourites from the current Mint Velvet sale…


1. Chambray Embroidered Maxi Dress, £59

2. Mint Velvet Stripe Embroidered Dress, £59

3. Chambray Embroidered Smock Dress, £55

4. Ombre Cocoon Dress, £69

5. Ivory Folk Embroidered Blouse, £49

6. Stripe Fluted Sleeve Tee, £19

7. Stripe Tie Cuff Top, £20

8. Steel Lace Insert Yoke Top, £39

If you hadn’t guessed I’m a little in love with all things grey, monochrome, floaty and embroidered at present. Four styles I probably would have completely dismissed just a few years ago! I’m all about a comfy pretty dress or pretty ‘boho’ top, something that can be worn every day but easily be dressed up with just a change of accessories. I really do love to save money where possible but am not a fan of sales shopping so I’m glad I’ve found a place where I can find and search all the current sales!

Do you have a favourite from my wish list? Have you found that your sense of style or fashion has changed over the years or especially after becoming a parent?

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