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Big Pink Link #51

Hello Pink Linkers, how are we all? I hope its been a wonderful week for everyone, we’ve had some positively spring like weather in the South West over the weekend which has definitely given us the boost we needed.

This week the lovely El (El is linking up a post from the wonderful Gemma but El will be returning your comments) and I are on party duty, I’m trying to eat healthier but I definitely won’t say no cake, lets be honest, its not a party without cake!

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Last Weeks WOWS:

Lucy’s WOWS-

‘I loved this from The Mum Project. Although sad, it was also enlightening, empowering, and left me really thinking!!’

This was also fab, from This Happened To Me Today. I often feel that there’s too few people spreading love and tolerance in the world, to actually make a difference. This post gave me hope that this could actually happen.’

El’s WOWS-

‘I could relate so much to this fabulous post by Jo of Mothers of Teenagers. “What do you think pretty is?” – Ask any teenager and you will find their answers very much defined and influenced by the media and their peers. Jo reminds us of importance of the role we have as parents, in guiding them.’

‘I really loved this post by Kirsty from The Winnettes as she compiled a A-Z list of what is Marriage! I found myself nodding along to her post and many a times, smiling as well as I could recognise the same signs in my own marriage. I especially loved her Z! I won’t spoil it, so if you haven’t read it, quick go and have a read.’

Don’t forget to grab those well deserved WOW badges!!

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