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Big Pink Link #43

Its the first Big Pink Link of December!!! Ladies and Gentlemen prepare yourself for lots of Christmas cheer and festive spirit from here on out!

Gemma did an outstanding job for her first week as guest co-host and this week its her and I on hosting duty whilst the lovely Lou, Lucy and El enjoy their break, please head on over with plenty of cake, wine and coffee and be ready to party!!

Pink Pear Bear


Last weeks WOWS…

Lucy’s WOWS:

‘This one from Our Rach was honest, heartbreaking and so raw. I really felt for her but could also identify with some of her feelings, and from the comments it looked like many others did too.’

‘I also loved this from A Life In Practice-speaking about a moment where she her instincts were screaming for her to be doing something differently, but feeling overpowered, has also been something that I’ve experienced. The message of trusting your instincts when it comes to your children, no matter who you upset, is an important one.’

Gemma’s WOWS:

‘My first WOW is this one by Winnettes which features some amazing Winter Cocktails. Clearly this is right up my festive alley and I am adamant I will be trying all of the recipes in this post over the next few weeks!’

‘My second WOW is by Tale of Mummyhood. It’s a heartfelt piece about PND and how it’s so important to talk about it. It’s such a difficult time of year to be suffering with depression or PND because people expect you to be happy, excited and jovial as the festive period is upon us. This piece lets you know that it’s ok to not be ok. You’re not alone.’

Don’t forget to grab those well deserved WOW badges lovelies.


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