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52 Week Challenge- Weeks 15 and 16

52 Week Challenge

Weeks 15 & 16- The Weather and Favourite Place Where I Live

From the title you can clearly tell I am behind….. OK….. very behind with blogging at the moment. I think I have gotten myself into a bit of a ‘funk’ recently and have been really struggling to manage children, housework, blogging and just generally everything, then with BML16 added into the mix I just haven’t found the time, energy or motivation to write. So now I have two weeks of my 52 week challenge to catch up on and I am writing this on a Saturday, not Friday like I would usually hope to, however I am trying to remain positive as I am actually writing!!!

I’m kind of glad to be having to write about The Weather this week because I’m feeling a little bit ‘ranty’ at the moment, and what better to rant about than the Great British Weather?!? I will try to keep this short and concise…… Where has Summer gone? Has the weather lost the memo that it is supposed to be Summer? It is the 2nd of July and I walked to the shop in a rain coat earlier, yes, a rain coat in July!! What is this? I honestly don’t know why I am so annoyed, we do live in England, so I don’t really know why I expect some sort of tropical weather front through the summer months. I have a really sad feeling that we have had our ‘summer’ for the year and we have yet to take a trip to the Beach, go swimming in an outdoor pool or just generally spend lots of time in the great outdoors, basking in the sunshine and enjoying a picnic. I think this past week of heavy rain and being cooped up in indoor spaces- including the dreaded Soft Play has driven me close to the point of insanity so I am really hoping for a few sunny days to ‘brighten my mood,’ fingers, toes and eyes are all crossed in the hopes of some sunshine.

Anyway, rant over, to be honest I’m not actually sure that it is the weather that is pushing me over the edge this week but it’s definitely a contributing factor. Giving myself a kick up the backside this week and telling myself to cheer the heck up, nobody likes a ‘feeling sorry for myself’ Hannah.

Onto this weeks official challenge, my favourite place where I live.

Now this is actually really tough for me to narrow down…. I pretty much love everything where I live, and feel ridiculously blessed to call the South West my home. So rather than picking a ‘specific’ spot in Plymouth (or the surrounding area) I am just going to say the coast. I truly feel that the South Devon coast is my favourite thing about where we live, whether its the coast from the Plymouth Hoe or one of the little coves or larger beaches surrounding Plymouth, there is just something calming and magical about being by the sea. Before we had the girls Ed and I would regularly take an evening stroll along the seafront. Even in the middle of Winter you could have found us wrapped in a million layers, sitting by the shore, watching over the sea in complete admiration of the force that is mother nature. Sometimes I wish we still took these evening strolls, in fact I think we need to. I am always worrying so much about the girls bedtime, when in reality there is no reason why we can’t take a family evening stroll and say sod it to bedtime once in a while.

Where is your favourite place where you live? Has the weather been ‘doing your nut’ recently too? What do you do when you’re not quite feeling yourself?

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    Thelma Booth
    7th July 2016 at 3:37 pm

    You should just go for evening walks.
    Do you all good to get out, it sometimes better in evening than in the day.

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