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52 Week Challenge- Week 9

52 Week Challenge

Week 9 – Day In The Life

I was hoping to make this weeks challenge a little more exciting by actually vlogging my Day In The Life but as per usual life had other ideas. Hopefully I’ll get a vlog done asap so that I can tick it off my Bucket list this month.

5.00am Yes you read that right, 5am! Unusually Tot woke up first this morning at 5, and unfortunately woke Toddler with her morning squeals. I was going to attempt to get Tot back to sleep in our bed for an extra hours kip but Toddler scarpered these plans by climbing in before I had a chance and falling asleep. So Tot and I ventured downstairs for cuddles and milk, luckily Tot did fall asleep in my arms so I was able to rest my eyes for a few minutes.

6.30am Our quiet slumber was rudely interrupted by Toddler pulling at my arm and not so quietly saying ‘Mummy.’ Tot also woke at this point so our day had officially begun. And the kettle was put on.

7.30am We all sat down for brekkie together, now Tot is weaning its so nice to sit together for breakfast, although, usually I end up having to feed both kiddies before I get a chance of even one bite.

8.00am – 10.00am In all honesty I have no idea what happened in these two hours, we all got dressed, Hubby got up and other than that I think we generally ‘faffed’ about and procrastinated before finally heading into town for a spot of shopping.

10.30am- 12.30pm We wandered around the shops aimlessly, picked up a few items- mainly essentials for the littles. Hubby bought me a pair of beautiful baby pink converse as a belated birthday prezzie and we treated ourselves to some ridiculously yummy salads from Marks & Spencers for lunch. As usual though we returned home having forgotten half the items on our list including a much needed pair of jeans for me- why do we always forget things for ourselves yet we come home with extras for the kiddies. For example, today, did Willow need a new toy? Had she done anything of epic proportions to warrant a new toy? Are there not already a million toys at home that aren’t played with? But yet she still managed to come home with a brand spanking new ‘Sofia the First’ toy.

12.30pm- 2.00pm I think we mainly (again) ‘faffed’ around, ate some lunch, looked at what we’d bought, got annoyed about the items we’d forgotten, probably cleaned the kitchen a little- and complained about it before Tot drifted off for a brief nap. Willow had fallen asleep as we were finishing shopping and remained asleep for the oh so long ten minute drive home so there was no hope of getting her down for her usual nap.

The Whole Afternoon We spent the later part of our afternoon in the garden. Hubby had a helping hand from the Toddler mowing the lawn and I got ridiculously (over) excited about hanging washing out on our new line again. (Just to clarify, we got a new washing line last weekend, I managed to hang out one load to dry before the heavens decided to open for the rest of the week. Excitement of said washing line was completely shattered by the unpredictability of the Great British weather!) Willow discovered that she has the ability to climb up her slide barefoot and then had far too much fun throwing herself backwards back down to the slide, much to my horror.

Toddler also was very helpful by watering our recently planted herbs (and trying to drink the water from the watering can) which surprisingly are starting to sprout!! Allana also sat up unaided in the garden for the first time meaning I might be able to get a paddling pool out soon.

5.30pm- 7.00pm We all sat down for Dinner, unfortunately due to the lack of napping from both kiddies neither of them were in the best of moods and it was not the most successful of dinner times but hey, you can’t have it all. So after a slightly fraught half an hour we thought it best to get the littles ready for bed and prepare them for an early night. There may have been the usual two year old temper tantrum at this point, and also some very tired cries from Tot but we managed to get them both in bed and asleep by 7.00pm! #parentswinning!

7.00pm until whenever we decide to go to Bed I have then spent the majority of my evening reading blogs and watching YouTube whilst enjoying the breeze coming through the open french doors and complaining to Hubby about how the dogs barking around the house is disturbing the peace (I do actually love dogs but when all I can hear all evening is barking it does start to drive one a little nuts!). As I type this I am enjoying a very naughty late night bacon sandwich and catching up on Game of Thrones (we are two seasons behind so please no spoilers!).

How has your day been?

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  • Reply
    To Arizona and beyond
    15th May 2016 at 3:16 am

    Sounds like a lovely day! It’s funny how some hours do just disappear and you have no idea what you did or how it got so late suddenly! Love reading your challenge posts, very varied!

    • Reply
      Hannah G, The 'Ordinary' Mum
      15th May 2016 at 6:36 am

      Thank you lovely, I’m really enjoying my weekly challenge, I’m just really hoping I can keep it up

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