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52 Week Challenge- Week 7

52 Week Challenge

Week 7- My Home

Crikey! Week 7 already! This weeks been a pretty busy and exciting one for me. I spent a lot of time fiddling around with my now self hosted blog, we dog sat, finally planted our front ‘garden’, had a family woodland adventure, had a couple of play dates for the girls, my Toddler let me play with her hair (massive Mummy win), I got some new wonderful clothes for the littles and I’ve had a few exciting things happen for my blog (watch this space).

I’ve also spent a ridiculous amount of this week wrapped in a blanket with the heating on, what the heck is with our weather this year? And where has Spring gone?

Any way onto Week 7, this week is about My Home. We recently moved house (last November, one week after Tiny Tot arrived to be precise), this is the forth place that Hubby and I have lived together in and the second house we have been lucky enough to  own. This is the first house that I have really felt at ‘home’ in. Its not the biggest property we’ve lived in, nor necessarily the best location for work but by far it is the warmest, cosiest and most family friendly house that we have called home.

Previously we have always lived in older properties, high ceilings, raised flooring and downstairs bathrooms, and although we loved each of them for their own reasons, I never really settled properly. Our last house, although slightly bigger (downstairs), it didn’t have any suitable outdoor space for our littles, there were steps up to the front door, on street parking and a rather chilly bathroom. Theres was always things we wanted to do on the house to improve it but we never had the time, money or drive to do it, and I think thats partly because we knew we wouldn’t stay there forever.

Then, last Summer, when I was probably around 20 weeks pregnant (why I thought moving whilst heavily pregnant would be a good idea beats me), we decided to visit a new homes estate not far from where we lived. Not thinking we could afford anything, we just went for a little wander and nosey. We fell in love. Oops! Then, we had even better news, we discovered we had the means to buy our own little three bedroom family home.

After a super quick sale, followed by the what felt like the longest time spent in a property chain, we finally moved in and within a week we all felt more at ‘home’ and settled than we had in a long while. Its amazing what a wonderfulv’home’ can do for the soul. We now have a glorious garden for our littles to enjoy, and whatever the weather our Toddler can be found running around and burning off energy outside. Willow is such an outdoorsy child and having her own little haven outside has definitely made for a very happy little Toddler.


Hubby now has the driveway and garage he has always dreamed of, somewhere to tinker on his car and play on his drums when he needs some ‘me’ time. Whilst I now have a kitchen I adore and enjoy spending time in, which has rekindled my love of baking and cooking. Oh and just to make for a super happy Mummy and Wife we also have an ensuite! How did I live without one before?

But most importantly my family are here and we are lucky enough to be bringing our Daughters up in in one of the most beautiful areas of England.

What makes your house a home?

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