52 Week Challenge Family

52 Week Challenge- Week 6

52 Week Challenge

Week 6- Spouse/ Relationship

I’m actually a day late posting this, I’d been doing really well at getting my 52 week challenge posts up on a Friday without fail until this week. In fact this week I’ve generally slacked quite a bit in my blogging, we have two teething littles, we all have a cold, we’re dog sitting for my parents, I had a girls night in and then just to make it busier for myself I decided to chose this week to go self hosted! So unfortunately the blog has had to sit pretty for a few days, hopefully next week some normality will resume.

This week I’m keeping things simple, I love my hubby and I love what an amazing father he is to our girls. I could go into great detail about us but I don’t feel I need to or want to, so heres one of my favourite photos from our wedding day and a quote that best describes what he has done for me.

‘He broke down her walls without her even noticing.

And when he rebuilt the walls,

he added windows to let the sunshine in.’

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