52 Week Challenge

52 Week Challenge- Week 18

52 Week Challenge

Week 18- Favourite Photo from the week

Ok, how am I already at week 18 of this challenge? This is crazy, and I have only had one late post, which considering I have two small children I am pretty darn chuffed about. The past two weeks I have been so slack with linking up to linkies, next week I will be better (small children permitting!). We’re still having a tough time at bedtime, Tot usually goes to sleep ok but unfortunately doesn’t sleep very heavily so then gets woken when Toddler has her nightly ‘I don’t want to go to bed’ tantrum. Fingers crossed things will start to get better soon and Hubby and I will get our evenings back……

This weeks a pretty nice and easy (if I didn’t like too many photos from this week!!) so I won’t ramble too much today. On Sunday we took a family trip to Bicton Park, I wrote all about our day here and I am going to use one of those photos as my favourite photo of this week.


It may not be the most artsy photo but this photo shows the love between my Hubby and our eldest, these two are like two peas in a pod at times and they simply adore each other. Willow happily follows Daddy everywhere he goes, whether its going to the garage to help him clean the car, riding their bikes around the block together or helping him make his lunch for work, she just likes to be with him. I love their bond and I can’t wait to see Allana get involved with them when she’s a bit more mobile, I can imagine Daddy is going to have two shadows chasing him around before too long.

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