52 Week Challenge

52 Week Challenge- Week 13

52 Week Challenge

Week 13- 5 Favourite TV Shows

I am completely behind with everything to do with blogging this week, I haven’t joined in any linkies or written any blog posts but it was all for a good reason. This week was family week, Hubby took the week off work so we’ve been having 7 full days of fun and exploring. I am so glad we’ve had this week to regroup and enjoy family life, its something we’ve all needed for a while and the girls have loved having Daddy around every day. I think it may be a little tough going on all of us when he returns to work on Monday.

This weeks challenge is one I’ve actually been looking forward to, I might be just a small fan of TV so picking 5 favourites was definitely not a difficult task for me. Some are still running, and some are now finished but are always being aired again so I think they still count! So here goes, heres my 5 Favourite TV Shows.

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer– I named my eldest after a character in the series so clearly this had to be in my Top 5. I watched this all through my teens and re watched every single episode whilst on my first bout of maternity leave and I’ve tried to catch a few this time around- not so easy with two little ones who want to watch Disney Juniors all day.
  2. The Walking Dead- This is probably the first TV show that hubby and I started watching religiously together, we’ve watched it right from when it first aired and I’m sure we’ll be still watching on the very final episode.
  3. Game of Thrones- At present I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t have this in their Top 5. Every episode is full of emotion, drama and special effects, there really isn’t much to dislike (except when they kill off one of your favourite characters on an almost weekly basis!).
  4. Criminal Minds- This reminds me of my sister (OK this might be a weird program to remind me of a family member, I promise she’s not a criminal) before she went travelling we would pretty much discuss every episode in great length as soon as we had both seen it. If one was behind on an episode we would pester each other to watch it so said discussion could be had. (Even now when I talk to her I ask her where she is in the hopes we can discuss an episode- so far she hasn’t seen the one I desperately want to talk to her about!!- If you’re reading this Nom, then please hurry up!!).
  5. The Great British Bake Off- Why is this only on once a year?!? I really need a weekly dose of this program, light hearted, entertaining and full of cake, what more could you want from a show?

Have you got a favourite TV show, would any of mine be in your Top 5?

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