52 Week Challenge

52 Week Challenge- Week 10

52 Week Challenge

Week 10- Colour

Pretty much a fifth of the way through my challenge now, and I cannot believe it! It’s been a long week in our household, both littles have been waking throughout the night and then gracing us with their presence at 5am. Hubby has also been working late all week so my days have felt never ending, needless to say I’m very happy to have reached Friday and a looking forward to spending lots of time together as a family over the weekend.

So this weeks challenge is a little bit more of an odd one, Colour.

Throughout the year my love of colours changes, dependant on the seasons and the weather. At the moment I am loving pastels and brights and I know this will continue throughout the Summer months. I find pastels very calming and refreshing, whilst brights also give me a much needed boost of energy (especially at the moment). I usually dress my girls in brights mixed with neutrals to brighten both mine and their days.

I currently also have a huge love of all things grey, grey is usually associated with a dull day but I personally find it to be very relaxing so we have decided to use a lot of greys and yellows in the decor of our new home. Yellow is such a warm, bright and happy colour (and Toddler’s favourite colour) and beautifully compliments the soothing grey.

I also love earthy colours like dark greens, browns and rust oranges, Autumnal colours never fail to help me feel grounded and full of warmth so we have filled our bedroom with warm earthy tones.

I find it fascinating and wonderful how colour can have such a strong effect on my moods and feelings, in both a positive and negative way.

What are your favourite colours? How do they make you feel?

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