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This week I have the absolute pleasure of showcasing the wonderful British Brand Two Littles. Lovely Mum of two Kate officially launched Two Littles in June of this year after over a year of planning and designing behind the scenes. Looking through Kate’s website and array of amazing designs its hard to believe that they’ve only been ‘live’ for a few short months. With a background in the garment personalisation industry its meant that Two Littles have their own HQ and are able to keep all their design work and printing in house. The minute I received our garments from Two Littles I could easily see that Kate puts everything into her business, the fantastic quality and attention to detail are easy to see.

We were very lucky to receive two bundles from Two Littles, one for Allana and one for Willow. If you follow me on social media you may have seen me open our parcel very excitedly on my Instagram story a few weeks ago.

Each bundle came beautifully tied together and I was instantly drawn to the lovely tags attached to the clothes. The labels have their signature logo and washing instructions but what I loved was the attention to detail with their ‘confetti triangle’ print on the reverse of the labels.

Something that I love and find so unique and special about Two Littles is the meaning behind each design. All of their designs are inspired by Kate’s littles ones doodles, sayings and interests, I can’t think of a more wonderful way of memorialising their childhoods.


I might be a little obsessed with this Bambino Hooded Tee, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve washed it just so Allana could wear it again, luckily the garment quality is amazing so even with all the washing and drying it still looks like new.

‘Having visited Italy a number of times the Two Littles family are fans of both the country and their family values, this has resulted in the word ‘Bambino’ featuring regularly in their household and often a word they call their littles.’

The Penguin Tee has proven to be a favourite in Willows wardrobe. She appears to think a penguin makes a ‘quacking’ noise so has taken to pointing at her top, shouted penguin and following it with a waddle and quack! Seeing as she has started to say ‘no’ to certain items of clothing I’m finding it quite a relief that she has such an attachment to this tee.

‘The Penguin design first started as a doodle. Kate says she often looks at her children’s doodles in the same way we might look at clouds and this particular drawing shouted penguin to her. She made a few tweaks and before long this super cute design was born.’

Having recently become very aware of the moon and stars I knew this tee would be an instant hit with Willow. ‘Luna’ was also a name we toyed over for a while when picking Willow’s name so I felt an instant love for it too.

‘Kate’s eldest Grace and now her youngest, Rory love looking at the moon and stars and are fascinated by rockets. They’ve put a slightly grungy twist on this design and I couldn’t love it more!!’

This Confetti Triangle V2 Tee literally goes with everything and is now a staple in Allana’s wardrobe. The long sleeves are perfect for the cooler weather we’re now having and I think it will be great to layer as we step into Winter too.

‘This is V2 as it is the second version of this design. Its a design that Two Littles will carry throughout as it has now become part of their brand image- the design even features on the clothing tags!’

This Hearts in a Row design is a perfect addition to Willows wardrobe, being grey it compliments the majority of her bottoms. I think this will look crazy cute teamed with a pair of shorts, tights and little booties, a perfect Autumn/Winter outfit.

‘This is a design Kate especially made for her little girl Grace, she loved the stand alone heart design in their Spring/Summer collection and absolutely loves this one too. Grace hopes other boys and girls love it as much as her and its safe to say we do.’

This Little One Hoody couldn’t have come at a better time, I was already on the hunt for a comfy cosy Hoody for the Autumn/ Winter months so I may have been a tad over excited when this arrived in our parcel. I can’t actually cope with how adorable Allana looks wearing this and the detail on the back just adds a whole other level of cute.

‘This is another word that the Two Littles family use, Kate thinks she probably over uses it but I’m not sure thats possible. I know its definitely how I regularly describe my girls too. They’ve also incorporated a few bits of Grace’s doodles to this design, I think these little touches make this design simply perfect.’


I have been truly impressed with the quality of both the garments and the print. Not only is the material super soft but it also washes so well, we’ve had no problems with the tops shrinking in the wash and the girls certainly seem comfy in their new clothes. Where possible Two Littles source their garments in the UK but also from American Apparel garments for a few of their items, their main focus is to produce high quality products and this is definitely obvious from their product choices. The print it self has also withstood all the washing that comes with being worn by little ones.

I sized up slightly for my girls, Allana is now 11 months (but quite a chunky monkey) so I decided to order size 1-2 year for her, I’m glad I did as the tops will last much longer and will be easier to layer through winter. Willow is currently in that awkward in between stage, 2-3 is usually too small but 3-4 can be a little on the big side. I went for 3-4 year in her clothing and again I’m glad I did, I actually really love the ‘oversized’ look on Willow and rolling up the sleeves slightly on the long sleeved tees looks very cute and stylish.

I can easily, hand on heart say we’ll definitely be ordering from Two Littles again in the future, having seen they’re wonderful Autumn/Winter collection I’m so excited to see what designs they come up with for Christmas and the future.

Two Littles have been very generous in offering an exclusive discount code for all my readers, just enter ‘theordinarymum’ at the checkout to receive 20% off until the end of November 2016.


You can find their latest designs and full range over on their website, they’re also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so head over and show this wonderful small Mum made British Brand some love.

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*We were kindly gifted these items for the purpose of this post and photos, all words and opinions are my own.




Hannah Jane


  1. Reply

    Thelma Booth

    16th October 2016

    Looking very cute in their tops,love the colours x

  2. Reply


    17th October 2016

    Such beautiful clothing and I love the idea behind the designs as well. I will definitely be having a look and buying a few for my two year old daughter! #bigpinklink

  3. Reply


    17th October 2016

    I love the penguin the best! What a load of lovely clothes!



  4. Reply

    five little doves

    17th October 2016

    Awww what a gorgeous range! I LOVE the little one hoodie, I need that for my three youngest! I think I’ll be making full use of the discount code, thank you! #bigpinklink

  5. Reply

    Emma Island Living 365

    17th October 2016

    What a fab brand! I love the hoodie and the penguin top, so cute 🙂 #bigpinklink

  6. Reply


    17th October 2016

    Very cute, love the grey zip hoody and penguin shirt #bigpinklink

  7. Reply

    From Day Dot

    17th October 2016

    These are all gorgeous, how cool do they both look! I love the Bambino hoodie, perfect for Autumn #bigpinklink

  8. Reply

    The Tale of Mummyhood

    17th October 2016

    These are so cute! I love the penguin print!


  9. Reply


    17th October 2016

    Beautiful clothes and beautiful photos – love the little hoodie #BigPinkLink

  10. Reply

    Kirsten Toyne

    17th October 2016

    This post has made me seriously clucky. Very lovely clothes too. #bigpinklink

  11. Reply


    17th October 2016

    I love these – the penguin print is definitely my favourite #bitpinklink

  12. Reply

    Mess and Merlot

    17th October 2016

    Oh they’re all so cute! Think I like the hoodie the best, no the penguin, no the Bambino top…ok I can’t choose. #BigPinklink

  13. Reply

    Louise Pink Pear Bear

    17th October 2016

    Ooooooh lovely!!!! I loved watching you open these on your instagram and seeing the lovely photos I want to go shopping! Wonderful review and the girls, as always, look divine! Thanks for being my super duper fabbu co-host! #bigpinklink

  14. Reply


    17th October 2016

    Aw that hoody is so cute! Beautiful pictures & clothing x #BigPinkLink

  15. Reply


    17th October 2016

    Oh I love them!
    What lucky girls!
    I can’t even pick a favourite top as they are all so cool!

  16. Reply

    Alison (MadHouseMum)

    17th October 2016

    Very cute photos and lovely clothes. My fave is the penguin tee – gorgeous! Alison x #bigpinklink

  17. Reply

    Not Just Phoebe

    17th October 2016

    What gorgeous designs and attention to detail with the packaging. I already follow them so will be checking out the new catalogue soon,thanks for the discount and a lovely review. #bigpinklink

  18. Reply

    Squirmy Popple

    17th October 2016

    Adorable! I love the simple style and unisex colours. #bigpinklink

  19. Reply

    Baby Anon

    17th October 2016

    So lovely. And such a lovely meaning behind the designs, based on doodles. I share their love of all things Italian so ‘bambino’ especially appeals to me #bigpinklink

  20. Reply


    17th October 2016

    Gorgeous clothes -I love the bambino jumper, the colour is gorgeous! #bigpinklink

  21. Reply

    Chilli Regina

    17th October 2016

    The Hoody and the bambino shirt for your little one are my favorite:). The Penguin also isn’t far behind;)

  22. Reply


    17th October 2016

    Oh wow these clothes are GORGEOUS!! (As are your girls) I love the detail and how personal they are to the designer’a family. That hoody is so sweet! #bigpinklink

  23. Reply

    Kirsty - Winnettes

    17th October 2016

    These clothes are so cute! I love the penguin print one. I hope the brand does well. It’s always nice when mums can be successful with their own brands and ideas.

  24. Reply

    Lianne harris

    17th October 2016

    Aww the clothes are adorable and so are your models Definitely gonna have a peek at two littles!

  25. Reply

    Lucy At Home

    17th October 2016

    These are gorgeous. I especially like the little ones hoody. Really lovely #BigPinkLink

  26. Reply

    Lex Jackson

    17th October 2016

    My favourite pieces are definitely the hearts in a row and the little one hoody. So cute. They look great too, look a really good quality too. #bigpinklink

  27. Reply


    17th October 2016

    The photos are so cute as well as the pieces your little onces are wearing! They look so different from what we can find in the shops. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely have a look on their website. #bigpinklink

  28. Reply

    thishappenedtometoday (Michelle)

    17th October 2016

    So lovely! I want to dress my children only in these!!! Sadly they have to settle mostly for ASDA George 🙂 Though I will check out the discount code. Thank you.

  29. Reply

    Twin Pickle

    17th October 2016

    This look lovely. I’m a particular fan of the little red hoodie, very cute indeed! #bigpinklink

  30. Reply

    Alana - Burnished Chaos

    17th October 2016

    What beautiful clothes, I especially love the grey hoody. It always makes such a difference when companies really think about and take the time over the way their items are packaged, it really adds to the experience and I love how the designs are all inspired by their kids x

  31. Reply

    Kellie - Hooray for Moms

    17th October 2016

    What cute clothes for little ones! Perfect Christmas gifts too. I could totally see my kids in these!

  32. Reply

    One Messy Mama

    17th October 2016

    Oh my gosh! I’m in love! These are adorable!! Love that little Penguin BRRR one… #bigpinklink

  33. Reply

    One Messy Mama

    17th October 2016

    Oh my gosh! I’m in love! These are adorable! Love that little Penguin BRRR one… #bigpinklink

  34. Reply

    Cathryn - Little Paper Swans

    17th October 2016

    I LOVE the penguin top! Its too cute. Beautiful clothes.


  35. Reply

    Becky at PinksCharming

    17th October 2016

    Oh wow these clothes are gorgeous. I have just been over to take a peek and I can’t decide what to get they are all lush! x #bigpinklink

  36. Reply

    Heather Keet

    17th October 2016

    Those clothes are so cute, my nieces may be getting a few pieces soon! #bigpinklink

  37. Reply

    Chloe Weir

    17th October 2016

    Wow what gorgeous kidswear! I’ll be using the code, thanks! #BigPinkLink

  38. Reply


    17th October 2016

    Aww they are so cute, I absolutely adore the baby hoodie! #bigpinklink

  39. Reply


    17th October 2016

    Wowsers. Gorgeous clothes!

  40. Reply

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

    17th October 2016

    What cute kids clothes! Love the grey hoodie – adorable #bigpinklink

  41. Reply


    17th October 2016

    Love baby clothes! So cute especially the tees. Your kids are adorbs too. #bigpinklink

  42. Reply

    Eugene Uttley

    18th October 2016

    Simply adorable.
    I like the hoodie best!

  43. Reply

    Jenn @ Mad Mommy

    18th October 2016

    Those are amazing, I really love the bambino one. There is a company similar around here I should look into more. #bigpinklink

  44. Reply


    18th October 2016

    What lovely clothes 🙂 I love simple items with slogans like these #bigpinklink

  45. Reply

    Nursery Whines

    18th October 2016

    I like how gender neutral they are. I am not a fan of super-cutie kids’ clothes, but these strike a good balance. #bigpinklink

  46. Reply

    Rachel - Volcano Mama

    18th October 2016

    They look so comfy! Very nice. #bigpinklink

  47. Reply


    18th October 2016

    These clothes are so cute! Perfect time to be finding discounts! Thanks for hosting #BigPinkLink

  48. Reply

    Lady Nym

    18th October 2016

    Aw, lovely clothes. They all look very comfy (very important in this household since autism often means sensory problems!).


  49. Reply


    18th October 2016

    Gorgeous! Love supporting British business! Will be recommending this site to friends too! Thanks for sharing xx #bigpinklink

  50. Reply

    Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    18th October 2016

    What beautiful clothes! I wish I knew about this brand sooner as their stuff looks just lovely. I particularly like the zipper. #bigpinklink

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  51. Reply

    Mindful Mummy Mission

    18th October 2016

    What gorgeous clothes (and children of course :-)) Sounds like a fab brand. #bigpinklink

  52. Reply

    Rhyming with Wine

    19th October 2016

    These look adorable – I’m a bit smitten by the little grey hoody, and the penguin top. They both look so comfy! Perfect for autumn. #bigpinklink x

  53. Reply

    Becky (And Then There Were Two)

    19th October 2016

    Oh these are gorgeous! Love the ‘Bambino’ and ‘Little Ones’ hoodies – will definitely be checking these out – I’m a bit obsessed with slogan tees and tops! Thanks for hosting #bigpinklink

  54. Reply

    Tooting Mama

    19th October 2016

    Too too too cute, I’m going all soft and squidgy inside! #bigpinklink

  55. Reply

    The Pramshed

    20th October 2016

    Gorgeous clothing! I want. I love it when you find a fab brand, with great quality clothing. Thanks for hosting. Claire x #bigpinklink

  56. Reply

    Mackenzie Glanville

    21st October 2016

    oh I love Luna and I adore the penguin even my 12 year old would love that penguin one, sh is actually wearing penguin onesie and watching TV right now lol #bigpinklink

  57. Reply


    21st October 2016

    Oh those designs are adorable! I love the simple, modern design 🙂 #bigpinklink

  58. Reply


    21st October 2016

    I love that this is a small british business and the designs are just adorable! Looks perfect for getting out and exploring xx #bigpinklink

  59. Reply

    Carie @ Space for the Butterflies

    21st October 2016

    Oh I love the penguin top – I know a little nephew of mine that would think that was the best thing ever ever!

  60. Reply

    Susie at This Is Me Now

    21st October 2016

    Aww sweet photos and cute designs. I love the way them came tied up. Little touches like that make them extra special.

  61. Reply

    Susie at This Is Me Now

    21st October 2016

    forgot to add #bigpinklink!

  62. Reply

    Siena Says

    21st October 2016

    What a lovely brand. I’d not heard of them. I love everything, but especially the Luna one. Great review and your photos are perfect!


  63. Reply


    21st October 2016

    This brand looks fabulous. I’ll definately be having a look for my youngest daughter. Love the jumpers x #bigpinklink

  64. Reply


    22nd October 2016

    I love the story behind the designs. #FunkyKidFriday

  65. Reply

    Crummy Mummy

    23rd October 2016

    These look cute – I’m not normally keen on black or grey on kids but I like these #bigpinklink

  66. Reply

    Silly Mummy

    23rd October 2016

    Lovely clothes! I love the penguin top! #bigpinklink

  67. Reply

    Hannah | Make, Do & Push

    24th October 2016

    Oh wow! These are absolutely divine!!! I love the Bambino and the penguin top the most 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xxx

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