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I am so excited that I have come across some High Street Stores selling Dinosaur print girls clothing!! Recently we have discovered that our Toddler has quite a liking for anything that ‘roars’ and Dinosaurs fall quite nicely into that category. For Easter we bought her ‘The Good Dinosaur’ DVD and book, as well as a few mini Dinosaurs for her Easter egg hunt. They all went down a treat, she’s been watching the film on repeat and making her little toys stomp and roar around the house, clearly she now needs Dino clothes. Obviously this means Tiny Tot needs a few items too- who doesn’t love a matching Baby and Toddler?!?

dinos 1

  1. Grey Dino Tunic Next £6
  2. Green/ Grey Dino Leggings Next £6
  3. Grey Dino Playsuit Next £10-£11
  4. Grey Dino Top and Leggings set Next £11-£12dinos 2
  5. Blue/ Grey Dino Dress and Leggings Set Next £17-£19
  6. Girls Romper Dinosaur Boots £6
  7. Dinosaur Print Pyjamas Asda £8
  8. Skirt and Top H&M £9

I’m probably far too delighted about dressing my daughters in Dinosaur print and I am going to need some serious self restraint to not purchase all these items!

I wonder if they sell any in adult size too………

Which outfits do you like best?

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    30th March 2016

    Amazing!! My midge loves dinosaurs! It’s her birthday in may & so far her presents are a dinosaur & a dancing robot. I’m so happy to see next have dinosaur clothes! She usually wears boys tops because she loves Thomas the tank too.. But this is awesome!

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      Hannah G, The 'Ordinary' Mum

      30th March 2016

      My toddlers the same, I’ve already bought her a few bits and when I showed her them you would’ve thought I’d given her a new toy! Haha 🙂 Thanks for reading, hope your little girl loves the Dino clothes too x

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