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Soft Play is not usually somewhere I would go, but after weeks of being cooped up due to what has felt like the longest and wettest winter, and having a helping hand from my wonderful Grandma, we thought a trip to soft play would be perfect. So we spent the morning at one of our local soft play centres Drakes Den and I’m so glad we did. Although it was a little busy, Willow had the best time. Of course I had to climb around with her until she built up her confidence but I was more than happy to have some quality time with my eldest. I always seem to be the only parent clambering around and end up with a following of other little ones as well as my own two year old!





After such a successful trip, and no signs of Spring yet, I think I may have come around to the idea of a few more trips to Soft Play. Toddler had a much needed run around and let off lots of steam, and I can’t see her turning down another play session. We have a number of soft play centres nearby so maybe now is the time to test them out.

What have you all been doing with your littles in this wet weather?


Best of Worst
10th February 2016
14th February 2016

Hannah Jane


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    Morgan Prince

    13th February 2016

    Yes the wet weather is annoying isn’t it? We haven’t been to a soft play centre for a while but I’m sure I’ll be taking mine over half term. 🙂

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    17th February 2016

    Thanks for sharing. I think the soft plays can often be a mixed bag of either good fun had by all, or a stressful event of noise and frustration with kids on sugar highs being left to their own devices – Lord of the Flies style. We’ve not got one near us, so when it’s we we tend to get out the arts and craft box.#bestandworst

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      Hannah G

      17th February 2016

      Oh absolutely! If I have to go I try to go during quieter spells of the day before any kids have had too much sugar haha! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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    Squirmy Popple

    17th February 2016

    The wet weather is the worst! I’ve taken my daughter to a few museums when the weather has been bad, but we haven’t tried soft play yet. She’s only 8 months old so I don’t want her to get pushed over by all the big toddlers! #bestandworst

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      Hannah G

      17th February 2016

      Oh a museum sounds like such a lovely place to take kiddies, maybe I’ll try that in the future! X

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    Sarah Howe (@RunJumpScrap)

    20th February 2016

    We haven’t been for a little while as my daughter lasts 30 mins and gets out!! Willow looks like she had a blast! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

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