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Chocolate Free Easter Gifts

10th April 2017 6 Comments

With Easter fast approaching and being very aware of the high amount of chocolate my girls are probably likely to receive I’ve started my search for chocolate free Easter gifts. My family have always given a small gift at Easter and in most recent years have tried to steer away from giving Easter Eggs, in fact I can’t remember the last time I received an Easter egg from anyone on my side of the family. I have found some absolutely gorgeous gift ideas whilst on my search and thought I’d share a few of them with you.

Wooden Rabbit Stacking Toy, Sarah and Bendrix Kids, £11.50 | Personalised Child’s Easter Bunny Mini Mug, We Love To Create, £12 | Personalised Bunny & Chick Bracelet, Merci Maman, £29 | Easter Lamb, Harrods, £9.95

Personalised Easter Colouring Set, Made By Ellis, £12 | Bunny Rabbit Sleepsuit, Sparks Clothing, £18 | Easter Temporary Tattoos, Cloud 9 Design, £3.50 | Bunny Soft Skittles Set, Albetta, £28

Do you give gifts at Easter? What have you got planned for the Easter weekend? Ours will definitely involve an Easter egg hunt and I’d imagine a roast dinner.

Hannah Jane


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    Heather Keet

    10th April 2017

    I love the bunny onesie! That baby has an adorable cotton tail! #bigpinklink

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    Aleena Brown

    10th April 2017

    I’m in love with the stacking toy and sleepsuit! We also try to steer away from chocolate (especially with all of us being super choc monsters!) so these area great idea! #bigpinklink

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    10th April 2017

    Such lovely gift ideas. We try not to buy chocolate for our own kids as they get so much from everyone else! We’ll be with family at a big party/celebration this year… have a lovely Easter x

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    Thelma Booth

    10th April 2017

    Lovely gifts xxx

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    Lisa Pomerantz

    11th April 2017

    That bunnytail onesie is really cute. Do you think they come in 6 and 9 year old sizes? xoxo #BigPinkLink

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    14th April 2017

    We’re also trying to steer free of chocolates for Easter this year. We’ve gone for some lovely books. Lovely selection you have – love the bracelet.

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