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    JORD Wood Watches: A Review & Voucher Giveaway

    When an email landed in my inbox from Jord Wood Watches a few weeks ago I may have been a little giddy with excitement, having seen a few of my fellow bloggers sporting them in the past I already knew how incredibly special their watches are. They asked if we’d like to review one of their men’s watches and I instantly knew who I would give it to, and no, not the Husband. Although I am sure a wooden watch would look amazing on him he really isn’t the watch wearing type, but my Step Dad, who not only looks pretty dapper on a daily basis, but is also an Ecologist seemed the perfect recipient. And boy was I right.

    The minute I showed him the unique watches he was sold and it didn’t take him long to pick his favourite, the Koa and Ash Watch from the Frankie Series. So I went ahead and placed the order and much to his (and my) delight, we were even able to specify a size so no alterations would be needed once received!

    Now let me tell you, if you’re looking for a special gift for someone (or even yourself), especially a watch lover, then you really needn’t look further. When the parcel arrives you can tell you are receiving something rather spectacular and thats before you’ve even torn through the tape. The box the watch arrives in is not like any watch box I’ve ever seen before, a beautiful wooden box with their signature J engraved into the lid plus the slide out draw and watch cushion make it an item that you could easily have on display.

    There are so many small beautiful details that makes this watch a really striking accessory for any wardrobe and with so many designs, in a variety of colours for both men and women there’s definitely a style for everyone. We were both surprised by the weight of the watch, considering its made of wood its considerably lighter than you would expect making it such an incredibly wearable piece. My Step Dad has decided he wants to keep this for work and best, and you can easily see why, its such a special and unique watch that it really finishes an outfit. Its such a statement piece that it will definitely get people talking and being an ecologist I’m sure it’ll definitely have heads turning in his line of work!

    If you’re quite taken by this gorgeous watch as much as we are then I have some pretty exciting news for you. I have teamed up with Jord Wood Watches to bring you a brilliant voucher giveaway. The winner will receive a $100 voucher BUT everyone who enters will receive a $25 voucher, so everyones a winner. The giveaway will close on 5th March 2017, just click here to enter.

    I’d love to know what you think of the watch and who you would treat with the voucher (even if its yourself!!).

    Luxury Wooden Watch

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