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    Weekend Tot Style #17

    Happy Friday all! Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and have some wonderful plans for the weekend ahead, Sarah and I are back with another Weekend Tot Style and cannot wait to see all your gorgeous Kids’ Fashion Posts!

    We were lucky enough to have a glimpse of Spring weather in Devon last weekend so we spent lots of time outside in the sunshine, and whats better for fun outdoors than dungarees?

    Willow’s Outfit…

    Dungarees, H & M | Hoody Tee, Blueberry Boo Kids | Pink Wellies, Mothercare |

    Minnie Mouse Slip-ons, Vans | Hair Bow, Mrs Brown’s Boutique

    Allana’s Outfit…

    Floral Dungarees, Marks and Spencer | Hoody Tee, Blueberry Boo Kids | Shoes, Clarks

    It was beyond amazing to leave the house without coats on, I can’t say the sunshine has lasted but it was nice to be reminded of the weather we’ve got to look forward to.

    Have you got a Kids’ Fashion post you’d like to share with Sarah and I? Anything from wish lists, hauls and outfit posts, we’d love to see them.

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    JORD Wood Watches: A Review & Voucher Giveaway

    When an email landed in my inbox from Jord Wood Watches a few weeks ago I may have been a little giddy with excitement, having seen a few of my fellow bloggers sporting them in the past I already knew how incredibly special their watches are. They asked if we’d like to review one of their men’s watches and I instantly knew who I would give it to, and no, not the Husband. Although I am sure a wooden watch would look amazing on him he really isn’t the watch wearing type, but my Step Dad, who not only looks pretty dapper on a daily basis, but is also an Ecologist seemed the perfect recipient. And boy was I right.

    The minute I showed him the unique watches he was sold and it didn’t take him long to pick his favourite, the Koa and Ash Watch from the Frankie Series. So I went ahead and placed the order and much to his (and my) delight, we were even able to specify a size so no alterations would be needed once received!

    Now let me tell you, if you’re looking for a special gift for someone (or even yourself), especially a watch lover, then you really needn’t look further. When the parcel arrives you can tell you are receiving something rather spectacular and thats before you’ve even torn through the tape. The box the watch arrives in is not like any watch box I’ve ever seen before, a beautiful wooden box with their signature J engraved into the lid plus the slide out draw and watch cushion make it an item that you could easily have on display.

    There are so many small beautiful details that makes this watch a really striking accessory for any wardrobe and with so many designs, in a variety of colours for both men and women there’s definitely a style for everyone. We were both surprised by the weight of the watch, considering its made of wood its considerably lighter than you would expect making it such an incredibly wearable piece. My Step Dad has decided he wants to keep this for work and best, and you can easily see why, its such a special and unique watch that it really finishes an outfit. Its such a statement piece that it will definitely get people talking and being an ecologist I’m sure it’ll definitely have heads turning in his line of work!

    If you’re quite taken by this gorgeous watch as much as we are then I have some pretty exciting news for you. I have teamed up with Jord Wood Watches to bring you a brilliant voucher giveaway. The winner will receive a $100 voucher BUT everyone who enters will receive a $25 voucher, so everyones a winner. The giveaway will close on 5th March 2017, just click here to enter.

    I’d love to know what you think of the watch and who you would treat with the voucher (even if its yourself!!).

    Luxury Wooden Watch

    Big Pink Link #51

    Hello Pink Linkers, how are we all? I hope its been a wonderful week for everyone, we’ve had some positively spring like weather in the South West over the weekend which has definitely given us the boost we needed.

    This week the lovely El (El is linking up a post from the wonderful Gemma but El will be returning your comments) and I are on party duty, I’m trying to eat healthier but I definitely won’t say no cake, lets be honest, its not a party without cake!

    Pink Pear Bear

    Last Weeks WOWS:

    Lucy’s WOWS-

    ‘I loved this from The Mum Project. Although sad, it was also enlightening, empowering, and left me really thinking!!’

    This was also fab, from This Happened To Me Today. I often feel that there’s too few people spreading love and tolerance in the world, to actually make a difference. This post gave me hope that this could actually happen.’

    El’s WOWS-

    ‘I could relate so much to this fabulous post by Jo of Mothers of Teenagers. “What do you think pretty is?” – Ask any teenager and you will find their answers very much defined and influenced by the media and their peers. Jo reminds us of importance of the role we have as parents, in guiding them.’

    ‘I really loved this post by Kirsty from The Winnettes as she compiled a A-Z list of what is Marriage! I found myself nodding along to her post and many a times, smiling as well as I could recognise the same signs in my own marriage. I especially loved her Z! I won’t spoil it, so if you haven’t read it, quick go and have a read.’

    Don’t forget to grab those well deserved WOW badges!!

    The Diary of an 'Ordinary' Mum


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    Top Tips for Holidaying with Small Children

    *This is a collaborative post.

    If you follow me on here and social media you might be aware that we’ve recently had our first family holiday abroad. We had the BEST time and I’m now desperate to get away again. I always thought traveling with two young children would be an absolute nightmare but actually it was a wonderful experience (except the nights!), we made such incredible and magical family memories and we’ll definitely be trying to get away more.

    We’ve had a few weekends away and now after our first holiday abroad I thought I’d put together a few of our tips on how to make breaks away with little ones easier and fun for all.

    Don’t Over Pack

    This is something that is ridiculously easy to do when you have a three year old and one year old and I for one am definitely a culprit of overpacking in the past. Amazingly, I now take less for the four of us than I used to for just the Hubby and I. Make a list of everything you’ll need and try to stick to it, I like to plan both mine and the girls outfits for the time we’re away to help reduce the amount of clothing we pack. Take just enough nappies, you can always purchase more if you run out. Don’t take a million bottles and sip cups, they take seconds to wash whilst away and it WILL save oodles of weight and space in your luggage. Downsize your toiletries, you’re really not going to need a full size bottle of shampoo and conditioner! You’ve already got your hands full with children to juggle and possibly a pushchair or two so make your life easier with less luggage.

    A Few of their Favourite Things

    I’ve said pack light, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take a few of your child’s favourite ‘small’ things. Both my girls have a love for muslin cloths so we’re always sure to carry two for each of them (you don’t want to see Willow without her ‘noo-noo’), luckily they’re very small and light so barely take up any space. We’ve recently bought an iPad and this has become a staple for long journeys as well as the headphones, we always make sure to have the iPad stocked up with plenty of child friendly apps and films (just don’t forget to have it fully charged too!!). This definitely helped us when both our flights were delayed on our recent trip! At the moment Allana is still a little young to pick anything to bring along but we do let Willow pick one small toy, of late it has been her favourite ‘baby’ which happens to be the right size to fit in her hand luggage. You can easily pick up small cheap travel colouring packs or ‘surprise’ toys to keep them amused during a long wait, flight or drive.

    Snacks and Drinks

    Now, don’t forget, if you’re flying their is a limit to how much liquids you can take onboard, so do be mindful of this. Do check with your airlines though as some will allow a certain amount of baby milk and purees through security. Luckily, they will allow you to take through dry snacks so be sure to have plenty. If like us you get delayed they’ll be an absolute lifesaver, we tend to even pack a little treat for those moments when a rice cake or raisins just won’t cut it. Of course you can buy food and drink at the airport and on holiday, but lets be honest, its uber expensive and the kids will want EVERYTHING if you take them into the airport shops. If you’re going abroad its also very reassuring to have plenty of snacks on hand that you know your children will eat so pack plenty in your suitcases too (luckily they’re usually feather light so don’t take up much of your weight allowance!!).

    Family Friendly Accommodation

    When it comes to booking a place to stay it can be far too tempting and easy to book a gorgeous hotel, cottage or villa and forget about requirements for the littles. Try looking for somewhere that offers family friendly accommodation like Tots to Travel, again this should save on your packing as usually they’ll provide a lot of necessities. No more need to bring a travel cot, steriliser, children’s cups, cutlery and sometimes theres even a stroller available too! Plus theres the added bonus of safety, you won’t be worrying about stair gates or bed guards when your accommodation already has them to hand. I think the littles are always much more settled when we’re staying somewhere aimed at families, theres usually much more for them to do, toys to play with and even the decor can be pretty fun and colourful for them to look at too.

    Relax and Have Fun

    Going away with young children, whether its a staycation or a holiday abroad, will always have a few stresses. Toddlers will have tantrums, Babies will teeth, Husband’s will snore, Mummy’s won’t sleep but DON’T dwell on those moments. Make memories, enjoy the time as a family, switch off, forget about the stresses of home and work, have fun, be silly, treat yourselves and embrace the magic and madness of holidaying as a family.

    Do you regularly go away as a family? Do you have any top tips for holidaying with children?

    Big Pink Link #50

    Hello Pink Linkers and a Happy Birthday to the Big Pink Link which this week turns a whole one years old!! I’m still so ridiculously happy to have been asked to join the Big Pink Link Team and I really love the little community of bloggers who link each week. It really is a pleasure to read your posts each week!

    This week El is back from her holibobs and hosting the party with the lovely Lucy, scroll on down to join the party and don’t forget the cake!

    Pink Pear Bear

    Last Weeks WOWS:

    Lucy’s WOWS-

    ‘I loved this from So Happy In Town (or using the acronym S.H.I.T is just hilarious!!) because I thought I was honest about parenting and how I felt about my children, but the honesty here will leave you howling! Brilliant!!’

    This is a beautifully written, real thought provoker from Mad Mother In The Attic. At one time, she had a 3 year old, a 22 month old, and a newborn, and she talks lovingly about the sleep arrangements at the time, and reminds us that everything passes, and is often replaced by something else, which too shall pass.’

    Lou‘s WOWS-

    ‘I loved this post, it really resonated with me and it’s exactly how I try and live my life. Try being the operative word but every little helps!’

    This post made me really laugh! It is absolutely spot on, and made me think about which party category we fall into!’

    Don’t forget to grab those well deserved WOW badges!

    The Diary of an 'Ordinary' Mum


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    Weekend Tot Style #16

    Hello Friday!! Weekend Tot Style time again with Sarah, This Mama Life and I, sorry I was missing from last weeks linky. I was away at Disney and also unfortunately experiencing some technical hitches…. fingers crossed they’re all sorted now!

    This week, seeing as we’re just a few days away from Valentines Day I thought I’d share the love for one of my favourite British Brands with a ‘Two Littles‘ Valentines Day Wishlist.

    My girls both already have a few pieces from Two Littles and I absolutely adore them all, but I am particularly taken with all the heart and love designs. What better way to spread love and joy than to paint it all over your clothes for all the world to see?

    Hearts in a Row Long Sleeve Tee, £15.00 | Power of Love Baseball Tee, £15.99

    Scribble Heart Tee, £13.99 | Heart Outline Tee: Pink Edition, £13.99

    Mummy and Me Tee, £13.99 | XOXO Tee: Black Edition, £13.99

    I think my absolute favourites are the Mummy and Me and Power of Love Tees, do you have a favourite?

    Have you got a Kids’ Fashion post you’d like to share with Sarah and I? Anything from wish lists, hauls and outfit posts, we’d love to see them.

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    The Diary of an Ordinary Mum

    Big Pink Link #49

    Good Morning Pink Linkers! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and enjoyed last weeks Big Pink Link Party with our guest hostess Harriet.

    This weeks your hosts are the lovely Lucy and Lou so be sure to hear on over and have a most wonderful party!! And as always….. don’t forget the cake.

    Pink Pear Bear

    Last Weeks WOWS:

    Lou’s WOWS-

    ‘My first Wow comes from Sinead, Shinners and the Brood and it really made me laugh! We’ve been very lucky with play dates so far, but I can definitely see that having this sort of report card would be so useful in some cases!’

    ‘My next Wow comes from Ricecakes and Raisins and really struck a chord for me. I too wish I was more evening Mum and think that she is a far better Mama then day Mum!’

    Harriet’s WOWS-

    ‘I wanted to choose bleeding paper by Swapna, Practical mum as a fab craft, I felt so inspired to give it a go with the kids.’

    Chores with your toddler by Thorny Lullaby because it made me giggle and I could TOTALLY relate.’

    Don’t forget to grab those well deserved WOW badges.

    The Diary of an 'Ordinary' Mum

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    Big Pink Link #48

    Hello Pink Linkers!! How are we all? I just wanted to say another huge thank you to Gemma for stepping in at such short notice last week, it would have been a rough party without her!

    These weeks seem to be going super fast and I can’t quite believe I’m already saying it’s Monday again. It’s time for the 48th Big Pink Link Party and this week we have a rather special guest co-host helping out the wonderful Lou whilst Lucy, El and I are off on our holibobs (pre-warning and pre-apologies for the Disney spam that will be coming this week!!).

    I hope you have a wonderful party this week, be sure to bring along plenty of cake for your hosts Lou and……. Harriet from Toby and Roo!!

    Pink Pear Bear

    Last Weeks WOWS:

    My WOWS-

    ‘I loved this post from Laura, Five Little Doves, its such a beautiful and honest letter to her seventeen year old self. I may or may not have both laughed and cried reading it.’

    ‘I am sure many of us can relate to this post from Cheryl, Tea and Wine about dealing with impatience. I love how honestly she talks about her lack of patience, I think its something we all deal with on a daily basis and don’t talk about, but should!’

    Gemma’s WOWS-

    ‘I loved this post by maddadskillz. I could completely relate to it and it had me laughing along as I read it. We have all told a little white lie before but when you encourage your child to tell a lie (for their own good in this instance – bring on the Lego Pony ride!) is that your child’s moral compass doomed forever?’

    ‘A hard one to read, but an even harder one for the lovely Sarah of Mum Muddling Through to write. Baby loss has sadly touched many of us, if not personally, than someone close to us. Sarah has really bravely managed to write about her experience of loosing a baby at 23 weeks. She writes with such emotion and honesty, it left me reading through tear filled eyes and wanting to give her a huge hug. Well done Sarah.’

    Don’t forget to grab your well deserved WOW badges, now on to this weeks party…

    The Diary of an 'Ordinary' Mum


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    Weekend Tot Style #15

    Happy Friday all!! Sorry I’m a little late this week but its time for another Weekend Tot Style with myself and Sarah, This Mama Life. Sorry my comments were super late this week, I’ll try to be more punctual this week!!

    This week, seeing as we’re now heading into a very wet spell in Devon I thought I’d share the girls waterproof raincoats from Lighthouse Clothing, they’re bright, colourful and very very waterproof, perfect for the English rain.

    Allana’s Raincoat…

    Ella Waterproof Raincoat in ‘Cloud Print.’

    Willow’s Raincoat…

    Ella Waterproof Raincoat in ‘Bird Print.’

    A Favourite from Last Week…

    I’ve got all kinds of love for this little outfit Kat, Eat.Love.Live put together for her gorgeous little girl!

    Have you got a Kids’ Fashion post you’d like to share with Sarah and I? Anything from wish lists, hauls and outfit posts, we’d love to see them.

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    The Diary of an Ordinary Mum

    Our Magical Lives

    I’ve been thinking of doing this for quite some time now and now seems just about as good a time as any to do it. If you’ve read my Hopes and Dreams of 2017 you may be aware that this year I really want to share more positivity and happiness and hopefully help others find the magic and happiness on the toughest of days. As part of this I am starting two series, this one ‘Our Magical Lives’ which will be mainly Instagram based and ‘A Journey to Positivity,’ where I will share my journey to a more positive mindset.

    In a world where so there is so much uncertainty and darkness I have decided to build my own little bubble for sharing the magical and happy moments and ‘Our Magical Lives’ was born. If you follow me on Instagram you may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve been using the hashtag #ourmagicallives for quite a few months and recently added it to my bio too. I’d now love to invite you all to join my hashtag and create our own little magical community where we can share the smiles, sparkles and sunshine of everyday life. I would love if we can all encourage and help each other to remain positive on the tougher days and find the magic where we might least expect it.

    Each week I will share a few of the magical moments from our week and I would be so delighted to share yours too. I know there are a lot of Instagram Communities, and I know your posts can’t always be happy, so I’m definitely not expecting you to tag every one of your photos but… if you capture a particularly happy or magical moment then please consider using #ourmagicallives. Or just pop by if you are in need of some smiles, giggles or sparkles.

    This week I’m going to leave you with one of my favourite twinkly Disney quotes…

    Wishing you all the happiest of weeks and hoping it is full of magical moments.